CITADEL provides appropriate managers to participate in the pre-planning process and advise on capabilities that it is able to provide, mobilisation times and other relevant information.

During this collaborative process, CITADEL is able to ascertain the information needed for us to provide advice fit for purpose solutions to facilitate a timely integrated mobilisation of additional support. Actions could include inspection and assembly of disaster response supplies, prepositioning inventory or transport assets before transport routes are disrupted.

These contingency plans and are tested on an annual basis to ensure they remain relevant and adaptive to changing circumstances.

Our solution is designed to help communities in preparing for and managing the effects of an event. The solution assists each CITADEL customer to effectively respond to, and recover from, a disaster or an emergency situation and assist the volunteers and emergency service units in providing effective performance of their functions.


CITADEL’s solution not only focuses on a resolution for scalable and rapidly deployed services, but the importance of creating culture which embraces social services with the goal of returning communities and families to their social “norm” as soon as possible.

We undertake thorough acknowledgments of each affected area. Based on our observation of what is actually required, we send an accurate solution to the region to ensure resources and equipment are distributed effectively and efficiently.
The services provided are scalable in size as well as complexity.